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Free Ticket to the Live Podcast 15th Nov ’17

South Tyneside Council are to host us for a live podcast as part of their excellent Tech Talks series. I will be talking with my friend Co-founder of Gym Plan, Paul Slater. It will be recorded in my home town of South Shields and if you are further afield we will also live stream and…

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Podcasters: Don’t be a lone ranger.

Podcasters help

  If you are reading these words you either host a podcast or you are thinking of launching one. If you aren’t either of these, you’re welcome to consume these words. What’s the worst that could happen? Well you could end up launching a podcast, that’s what! I over exaggerate, it’s all good, but believe me, it can…

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Sponsorship Opportunity

Podcast Sponsor

Thank you so much for all your continued support for our podcast. Your feedback and sponsorship help keep the show top of the iTunes Noteworthy sections and I was pleased to celebrate a year of podcasting recently. Please let me know if you would like me to cover a particular subject and i’m more than…

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BGOB. Achieving Profitable Growth in 2017

Do you have dreams of 2017 being a highly profitable year in your business? Could it be your best year yet? The answer to these questions should be YES, and I want to help you achieve those goals. What better way to start your journey to an amazing year in business than with access to…

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YOU are featured in the Christmas edition of Industry Angel

Hello friends! Do you have a burning Sales, Marketing, Business, Tech, or Entrepreneurship question? Would you like to feature on the Industry Angel? In a special Christmas edition you have a chance to ask a question to myself or a past guest. We can speak via Skype or simply through a web browser using Zencastr.…

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Award Finalist

Thank you so much for your support since we launched Industry Angel! I’m stoked to find out I have been nominated by the public for the 2016 INFLUENCER AWARD! The New Europe Media 2016 Influencer Award is for people who have ability to influence the behaviour or opinion of others in a positive way. Anyone…

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Targets, YOU smashed them!

Thanks, YOU really did smash it!  Back in January, I set some launch targets:- Launch the show and website in February Hit ‘New & Noteworthy’ in iTunes Reach 1000 downloads Have a global presence Highlight the North East UK Well we did it! We actually did it ALL…in February!     The stats make for interesting…

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Review Us!

Thanks for al the positive feedback so far, it really helps shape the show and ensure we can attract amazing guests.  Don’t forget to Subscribe, Rate & Review. iTunes Page

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And…we’re off!

Blog open, podcast live! Hopefully you have subscribed (and left a rating & review, it really helps) to the show and listened to the first few episodes. To shape the podcast and future episodes we need your feedback.  This show is your show, free and for you to enjoy whenever and wherever. Every episode has it’s own…

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