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Episode 025 - John Williams
Screw Work Break Free: How to Launch Your Own Money-Making Idea in 30 Days.

Bestselling author, Ideas Lab founder and career coach John Williams believes that the traditional 9-5 job model is outdated and is no longer the safest form of employment, and he has devoted nearly a decade to coaching people, wanting to start their own business, community project or enterprise, in the best way to craft a business from conception to launch, and beyond.
First, using his quick 3-step technique you'll find a killer business idea and then you'll follow John's tried-and-tested 30-programme to launch it as quickly as possible – with minimal risk, expenditure and time. In fact, John encourages you not to spend a penny, or do anything drastic, like quit your job, until you've made traction with your business, because his method is designed to develop first as a side project until you're ready to go bigger – a bit like Mark Zuckerberg developing the first version of Facebook while he was studying for his finals.


Drawing on ground breaking research, approaches and case studies that range from Silicon Valley enterprises to non-profit organisations, including ETSY, Air B'n'B, Facebook and Mashable, in Screw Work Break Free John provides crucial insights into corporate cultures, both good and bad, and offers a blueprint for establishing and launching a successful business.
John's first book Screw Work Let's Play: How to do what you love & get paid for it was a UK bestseller, recommended by the Sunday Times, and now in Screw Work Break Free he offers a radically different approach to business management and entrepreneurial thinking than most business books, as it is designed to help you quickly find a viable business idea and then walks you through the steps to launching it in 30-days.


Ian and John Discuss:-

      • Micro blocking of time
      • List of things to launch your business
      • List of things you don't need to launch
      • Kiva

John's book;

Screw Work Break Free: How to Launch Your Own Money-Making Idea in 30 Days.

Screw Work Industry Angel

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"It's never been easier to make an idea happen"

- John Williams