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Episode 026 - Jonathan Pfahl
Rockstar Mentoring.

To be successful, surround yourself with success!

I created Rockstar Group in 2007 with a vision. I wanted to give entrepreneurs and business owners the same benefits that I’d received from having a top mentor by their side to guide them through the business world, open doors for them and help them build wealth.

Having been mentored myself, and used it to grow a significant business and income of my own, I knew the power of surrounding yourself with successful people.

I knew that if I could assemble some of the UK’s top entrepreneurs, then I could help hundreds, maybe even thousands of UK business owners to reach their goals.

Fast-forward to today, and Rockstar has now helped start or grow over 8,500 businesses in pretty much every sector you can imagine. We even have our own Hubs in Central London, where we run our mentoring sessions and events, our own App, (link to, legal team and investment platform to further fund the “Rockstar Businesses” within our growing client base.

We have some of the UK’s (and globally) most well known and respected entrepreneurs as our mentors and structure all of our mentoring around achieving tangible financial results for our clients.


Ian and Jonathan Discuss:-

      • Mentoring
      • Founding the company
      • Pivoting the company
      • Internationalising


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"To be successful, surround yourself with success!"

- Jonathan Pfahl