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Episode 033 - Matthew Turner
The successful Mistake

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you could transform each mistake you make into a giant success?


Consider what this would do for your bank account, family life, and business?

This isn’t fantasy. This is what the world’s most successful people do each day, but they don’t have a superpower that you’ll never have. What they do is quite simple, although it may go against what you’ve been taught your entire life.


Well, my friend Matthew Turner knows all about this because he’s spent the last four years interviewing 163 of the world’s most successful people about how they transform failure into success. He’s uncovered a seven stage process everyone goes through after they make a mistake, although more importantly… what the best do differently to the rest.


He shares all these secrets and more in his latest book (The Successful Mistake), and I have a free copy to offer you. But before we get to that, I’d like to introduce you to Matthew and why he decided to write The Successful Mistake in the first place.


Four years ago, he left his job to fulfil his dream of working for himself, and like most new entrepreneurs he made a lot of mistakes. He failed. He took one step forward followed by two steps back. Fed up, he set out on a journey to interview every successful business owner he could find to learn how they overcome mistakes, failure, and adversity.


After interviewing 163 of the world’s finest minds -- including the likes of Chris Brogan, Pam Slim, Neil Patel & Dan Miller -- he wrote The Successful Mistake because it was a book he needed to read. It’s a book most people need to read, and I wish I could have read it when I first started my business!


This is why I’m excited to introduce you to him today, because he’s giving you the chance to grab a Free Paperback Copy of The Book, and I think you would be crazy to not take him up on this offer. He’s poured four years of interviews and research into this book, so if you want to:


Discover What The Seven Stages Are...
Transform Even Your Biggest Failures Into HUGE Success Stories...
Learn From 163 of The World’s Most Inspiring Minds…

Then I encourage you to grab your free paperback copy of The Successful Mistake:

successful-mistake free book


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"Dream it. Believe it. Work it. Achieve it."

- Adèle McLay