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Episode 034 - Scott Gombar
SEO Uncovered

Scott Gombar is a Digital Marketing Agency.
As an expert in Social Media, Digital Ads and SEO Scott found himself always helping business owners become more competitive on the internet. Scott uses the internet & social media to market businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, artists and anyone trying to grow their brand or bottom line. He uses a combination of Organic and Paid search, Social Media, Email and Local Search to deliver your message but also firmly believes in the face to face networking that helps build trust and loyalty.
Scott Gombar is a Google Certified Partner with AdWords and Analytics


Ian Farrar and Scott Gombar Discuss:-

  • Content is king
  • Domain structure
  • Metatags, keywords, alt text
  • SEO retainers
  • Search engine algorithms
  • Web redirects

Scott can be found at


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