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Episode 035 Nicki Morris - Business Strategy Planning

What do you do with a lucrative career in a fantastic company with awesome people and a great future ahead, plus 4 degrees including a Masters in Health Admin and an MBA, a university faculty position, and 18+ years in corporate FIRE YOURSELF and IGNITE YOUR PASSION! I am Nicki Morris and this is what I did in 2013 and launched 2 businesses (under 3 brands). I am a dynamic business consultant and certified coach with a passion for helping awesome people gain the knowledge and confidence they need to start and grow their own profitable business. My laser focused approach helps my clients work towards their ultimate goal of providing excellent services to ideal clients, achieving optimal profitability and enjoying the lifestyle benefits that come with successful business ownership.


Ian and Nicki Discuss:-

        • Planning to Launch
        • Business Structure
        • Competitor Analysis
        • Business Modelling
        • Imposter Syndrome
        • Expecting Failure
        • Personality Types
        • Know, Like and Trust factor
        • Vacation and Work Backlog

Nicki can be found at
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"To be successful, surround yourself with success!"

- Jonathan Pfahl