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Episode 051 - Geoff Ramm
Next Level Customer Service & Marketing.

Like you, Geoff Ramm, the creator of Celebrity Service and OMG Marketing, knows the only way you can attract more customers is to create jaw-dropping marketing. Not only that but great customer service leads to lucrative, repeat business.

So how do you create highly successful marketing ideas? And how can you design a customer experience that has you talked about for decades to come?

Geoff knows the Jedi Mind Trick to make you craved by your customers, envied by your competitors and raved about in your industry.

In his interactive keynotes, your team will not only discover out-of-this-world ideas, they will come up with them and be excited to implement them too. Companies across six continents have outperformed their competitors by using Geoff's unique insights on customer service and marketing.

Geoff’s on-stage presence will have you on the edge of your creative seats.

Sandancers Ian Farrar and Geoff Ramm Discuss:-

      • Career pivoting
      • Brands that rock
      • Large companies ARE able to change
      • How to stand out from the crowd
      • Visit companies & learn from one another


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"If they don’t care enough to update their profile or engage, why would I think they cared about creating a great experience for me?"

- Brian Fanzo