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Episode 063 - How to deal with email unsubscribers.


Hello, no guest interview this week so I’m going to have a quick chat around email unsubscribers.
I sent my most recent newsletter out last week and after checking the report I looked at the unsubscribes. Now I don’t get many. The industry standard average is less than 1% but I keep my list very tight and when someone unsubscribes it used be emotional.
But this is something to be celebrated.
Every marketing email you send you must give the person the ability to opt out of (or ‘unsubscribe from’) further emails.
So lets look at the reasons people unsubscribe:-
• People may be cleaning their in box but still following via you tube, your blog or social channels.
• employee turnover
• recipients could have forgotten about you
• recipients could have gotten tired receiving your messages
• might have had a change in direction

SO if you are receiving a high level of unsubscribes you can try a few techniques and validations
• Optimize the frequency of your emails. Send your email communication at least once per month, you need your list to get used to your emails, you don’t want to lose touch with them
• Review your content. When your subscriber left their email address with you they enjoyed your content, it is beneficial and helps them in their job to be done. ask yourself if you have gone off piste with your content of late.
• Have you become too spammy, have you ramped up the sales? Remember your list is looking for value, you are a trusted authority, they like you and enjoy your opinions and news. They appreciate your content They appreciate your offerings. Don’t abuse that.

Now hopefully your readers whilst appreciating your content will understand your are a business and you have something to sell. Yes we have calling and we love to help and assist but this is how we make a living also.
Some readers might not get this and will unsubscribe, they enjoy the free stuff but when you promote your paid services they may spit their dummy.

Your services and products can be relevant but they just want something for free. That’s fair enough, but if they don’t understand you aren’t there providing free consultancy only and get their knickers in a twist when you promote your services… let it go. take Elsas advice from frozen.
Actually don’t let it go, celebrate the unsubscribes.

• It can save you money if you have a big enough list to pay for each email sent.
• It can save you from tidying and purging your list. And what I mean by this is that periodically you may wish to remove subscribers who don’t open your emails. your open and click-through rates also go up … which is always a good thing!

What you are left with is a really quality list of customers and prospects.
You can now provide this target audience with quality emails, if they aren’t your target audience or ideal customer avatar then great, let them self select their backsides off your list.
Actually keep the keep your unsubscribe link visible, make it huge. But seriously do have a link to prevent possible spam complaints.
unsubscribes are better than a spam report.

Try not to wind people up with additional emails once they have subscribes such as :-
“request” for an unsubscribe has been received and will be processed.
Or another email telling them they have been unsubscribed
The only metric that really matters is that your list should be growing over time.
even if its slow going (and actually I prefer that to ensure the targeted audience) but as long as its rising, your’re on the right path.

So the next time you have an unsubscriber, remember it will save you time, money and energy
smile, enter your email platform and erase their ass.


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“Smile, enter your email platform and erase their ass.”

- Ian Farrar