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Episode 71 Always Be Testing | Tales from a Start-up

When it comes to business, Paul has seen and done it all. Well, almost... back in 2002, he set up creative design agency Urban River Creative swiftly moving with the digital age to offer clients innovative products and services to keep them at the top of their game.
Paul will chat with Founder of Far North Ltd, South Tyneside's very own Ian Farrar as they discuss his early days in business and how he was very much self-taught in many aspects of business. Paul went on to successfully raise funding to develop his Gym Plan app and bring it to market - but it has not been without it's challenges!
His breadth of experience in his own companies, and the support he received from mentors has helped Paul grow into the tech savvy entrepreneur who undoubtedly still has a lot to bring to the digital world.

Ian and Paul discuss:

  • Learning on the job
  • Being coached and mentored
  • Lean Startup
  • Raising Finance
  • Business in the North East UK
  • Challenges of building an app

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