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Ep 77 The Answer Within - Managing Work Related Stress

Kyle Davies is a coach, author and trainer. He teaches people how to optimise their wellbeing, attain clarity of mind, and perform more effectively at work, home, and in life.

Kyle originally qualified as a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and is the creator of Energy-Flow Coaching™. Kyle began his career in management consulting before moving into healthcare. Along with colleagues, he pioneered a new approach for treating chronic fatigue and pain, anxiety, depression and other stress related symptoms - which is reflected in the recently published book, The Intelligent Body.

Kyle works with individuals and businesses with a focus on developing people from the inside out, helping them to gain a better and deeper understanding of themselves so they can tap into their own resilience, flow, and potentials.

Kyle facilitates transformations for those who are stuck, overwhelmed, lost or stressed and empowers them to experience greater personal freedom and a more rewarding experience of life.

His work offers a new understanding of the relationship between hidden stress in the body, emotional energy, and chronic health challenges.

Ian & Kyle discuss;

  • Ian's burn out experience
  • The power of inner thought
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Medication
  • How you feel is important, embrace it



“We don’t want to be driven from a space of fear.”

- Kyle Davies