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Ep 79 Productivity | Get more done, have more fun

Simon started out life as a researcher: his PhD looked at causes of childhood leukeamia, and his scientific training and background stays with him on anything he does - he's strong on empirical evidence and what's proven to be effective for 'normal' people. He's also worked as a fire-eater, a teacher, an author and a lighting designer for dance companies! His last book (Presentation Genius) became a top ten best seller. And yes, that is as cool as it sounds - walking into WHSmith and seeing that is definitely a buzz! 🙂


Ian & Simon discuss;

  • Our brain can only concentrate for 6 hours
  • Investing time to learn/document process
  • Restore yourself, hit the reset button
  • Checking emails and social media productively
  • Planning your schedule
  • Streamlining your day
  • Hassle/Benefit ratio
  • What does good enough look like
  • Get more done, have more fun


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“Good enough by definition is good enough,
anything over and above that is just filled in by your ego”

- Dr Simon Raybould