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Ep 82 Get Free Publicity Today

Sharon Bolt is a publicity expert and founder of Get Free Publicity Today, she has been a business owner and Entrepreneur for over 16 years.
Sharon’s businesses have included Complementary Health Therapies and Dog Training and during the last 11 years she has contributed to more than 40 different local and national newspapers, magazines, TV and radio shows and has received over £1.5 million ($2 million) in free publicity and free advertising.
She is the co-author of 2 highly acclaimed books called 'Successful Women in Business' and 'Every Entrepreneurs Guide: Running Your Own Business.'

Sharon has been featured in a BBC Documentary and has had a regular slot on BBC Radio since 2008 where she answers the listeners’ questions.
She teaches start-ups, business owners and entrepreneurs how to build a brand, increase visibility and generate sales by cleverly using free publicity and has a free cheat sheet called ‘7 Proven Steps That Get You Featured in the Media & Turn Newspaper, Radio & TV Interviews into Sales’ which is available for free on her website:


Ian & Sharon discuss;

  • Specific pitches for media channels
  • Do your research
  • Find the best journalists in your niche
  • Create a story idea that gets attention
  • Fake it before you make it
  • Having belief
  • Dealing with the haters
  • Tips for pitching


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“I believed I could do it, so I went for it”

- Sharon Bolt.