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Episode 84 | A Founder’s Journey

Recorded live at RTC North, Sunderland.

Shaun is the Managing Director at ievo biometric fingerprint readers. Shaun started the company in early 2009 with the aim to deliver biometric products for real world deployment. Shaun had the products designed and manufactured to deliver where many others have failed. This took a year in development and then they launched their first reader, the ievo ultimate™. This reader along with further product launches is renowned for being the industry leader and ievo now sell their products globally.

Ian and Shaun discuss:

  • Learning the ropes of retail
  • Starting out with biometric readers
  • Travelling globally to research products
  • From Distributor to Manufacturer
  • Learning lessons along the way
  • Scaling up
  • Audience Questions

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“I had a sudden realisation that now I had to sell them.”

- Shaun Oakes