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Ep 87 LIVE Fireside Chat with Astronomer, Gary Fildes.

As a child he wasn’t encouraged by teachers to explore his love for science. Destined to follow the well trodden path of ‘getting a trade’ he worked on building sites for 25 years. As an astronomer in his mid thirties, he joined the Sunderland Astronomical Society. By 2002 he started the Kielder forest star camp, and a year later it would start a path that would change his life forever, in ways he hadn’t imagined.

Hear the incredible story of Gary Fildes in a special live broadcast fireside chat with Ian Farrar, host of The Industry Angel Business Podcast.

Ian and Gary discuss;

  • Early days on building sites
  • Where the passion began for Astronomy
  • First visit to Kielder
  • Sunderland Astronomical society
  • Kielder Forest Star Camp
  • Building/Designing the Observatory
  • Influencing Children
  • What can you see from the Observatory?
  • Self-Sustainability Observatory
  • Chille Dark Skies Documentary
  • Other Exciting areas to visit
  • Northumberland Dark Skies Status



“Elon Musk is an absolute flippin' legend”

- Gary Fildes