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Ep 95 Achieve More Leads & Boss the Rankings

Deepak Shukla is the founder of SEO agency Pearl Lemon.

When he isn't running ultramarathons and attempting Ironmen you might find him hanging out with his cat Jenny, continuing his journey of body coverage in tattoos or at the cinema!

Ian and Deepak discuss;

  • Work life balance
  • Committing to a plan and worrying less
  • Ian goes and mentions GDPR
  • Deepak reassures us and myth busts GDPR
  • Obtaining email addresses
  • Comparing the competition
  • Registering with directories
  • Platforms for reputation management – reviews
  • Creating content
  • Transcribing audio into words
  • Social media impact on SEO


Ian's Google Review Hack


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“In a general rule of thumb, be nice, be respectful in business“ -Deepak Shukla