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Ep 96 Backing Entrepreneurs with Start-Up Loans

Richard is a self-taught entrepreneur of 25 years who has created businesses in the music industry, in software, business consulting and business finance. He’s passionate about sharing this experience to help other entrepreneurs to set up and grow their businesses.

Richard is Commercial Director at the Transmit Group, which delivers a range of services to UK businesses including finance, start-up and growth strategy, innovation, mentoring and coaching. In this role he is responsible for creating new ideas, setting up and growing new companies, commercialisation and profitability. He loves simple, brilliant business ideas with high growth potential, as well as innovative and disruptive models.

From musicians to manufactures, fashion labels to financial advisors, Richard’s straight-talking approach to business coaching has helped support the dreams of thousands of entrepreneurs across the country. He draws on his own lessons learned to provide frank and honest advice about life in business and how to thrive when you’re at the helm of your own enterprise.

Ian and Richard discuss;

  • Equity Investments vs Loans
  • Banks aren’t lending
  • Empathy for entrepreneurs
  • Modern banking such as Atom Bank
  • Mentorship
  • Employing a Business coach


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