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Ep 98 Four Key Sales Ingredients

Why do you and your sales team do the things you do, and not do some of the things you should?  We’ll introduce you to 4 key ingredients that make up all of us: it’s the ABCD of you.

This is a must for you and your sales people if you want to know more about what makes you tick and how you go about improving your personal performance.

Tap into Mike’s FTSE100 senior management background. He has over 17 years of banking experience, 25+ years’ sales experience and more than 20 years in training & coaching.
Mike has designed, launched and led numerous training programmes; he’s an experienced Training & Competence Manager and Supervisor.  His own coaching clients range from sales managers to group chairman level.
Mike is particularly interested in the behavioural elements of development and sales from the clients’ angle. He is the 2013/14 British Sales Trainer of the Year.

Here are the references that Mike mentioned.

  • Tasha Eurich, Insight and her supporting TEDx Talk
  • Lera Boroditsky’s TED Talk on language and bias
  • BBC Radio 4 programme, Good Psychologist, Bad Psychologist, including the effect of high cortisol levels
  • Reynolds & Lewis piece on Cognitive Diversity
  • There’s a lot of material on biases, by Tversky and Kahneman
  • And our 3TW video series – mobile data friendly, short videos on sales and coaching, including a set specifically on the ABCD model we discussed. Here’s the link to sign up.


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