Nevil Tynemouth

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Ep 101 - Is your customer journey broken?

International speaker, author, and co-creator of the psychology of consumer and seller behaviour. With a blend
of commercial experience, innovative and well-researched development, Nevil delivers high impact business
techniques that really work for you, your organisation and your team.
His 30 years of commercial acumen and commercial experience from starting and scaling his own business
means Nevil is ideally placed to give you real-world business advice about growing and developing your
business and your people. Nevil was involved in the sales launch of two of the UK’s most familiar brands in
Dyson and BlackBerry. He uses this experience and his innovative ways of looking at the customer journey to
fire you up and focus your teams.

Ian and Nev discuss;

  • Putting people in a positive emotional state,
  • Getting people onto the green line,
  • Thinking about the customer as well as the prospect,
  • Putting people on the red line,
  • Positive emotions,
  • Emotional associations,
  • Doing the basics extraordinary well,
  • Advocacy,
  • Leaving a review,
  • Empowering staff to help where needed,
  • Opportunity lies in mistakes.

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“If people are in a positive emotional state they can process more information…and become more adventurous” - Nevil Tynemouth