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Ep 103 Risk taking and decision making in poker, business and life

Caspar Berry gives the corporate world a greater understanding of their decision-making process. He shows people that all decisions are investment decisions.

Investments of time, money, status, energy, comfort and security made with the intention of getting some kind of long term return. He tries to give people a better understanding of what “risk” is and how it is calculated in its essential form.

This calibrated mathematical language allows people to understand, view and critically evaluate their decisions (and those of others) in a new way. He gives an understanding of the psychology of decision making and the cause of risk aversion among humans: i.e. why we are reluctant to embrace short term failures for long term gain.

His final objective is to give participants an original and empowering method for using their own natural risk aversion as a motivational tool that can be used to achieve better long term results. And all of this is done using poker as a fun and engaging but completely relevant metaphor throughout.

Ian & Caspar discuss;

  • Early days on Byker Grove
  • Becoming an award-winning director
  • Film making
  • The challenges of the film industry
  • The early days in Las Vegas
  • Discovering Poker and becoming a pro player
  • The ROI of risk taking
  • Being prepared to risk it
  • Educated and non-educated risk taking
  • The risks associated with sales leads
  • Low risk & High risk projects
  • If we do this Vs if we never do this


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“The more Wild Wild West something it is, potentially there are greater returns” - Caspar Berry