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Ep 114 Teams as a Service | The Interim Revolution with Pat Lynes

Pat Lynes is an award-winning former recruiter, founder of Sullivan & Stanley and author of The Interim Revolution. He’s on a mission to help corporates change and future proof their businesses at the same warp speed that start-ups are disrupting the market, and to open their eyes to the potential of the untapped workforce of interims.

After leaving the recruiting sector, sick of profits over purpose, and believing the current methods were broken, he founded Sullivan & Stanley. His goal is to help organisations create change from within, empowering staff rather than alienating them, and offering businesses a way to test new ideas and strategies nimbly, cost-effectively and risk free.

How he does this is by creating a living, breathing network of the top 5% of problem solvers, leaders and change agents that are transforming businesses around the globe. This is what he calls The Change Society - a unique collection of the best interim or ‘supertemp’ workers and business talent. It is from this workforce that he casts A-star SWAT teams, parachuting them into companies as a pre-gelled specialised unit, he calls temporary Teams as a Service™, to deliver business-changing solutions, before everyone disbands as quickly as they arrived. He’s so passionate about this approach that he has even trademarked the term, Teams as a Service (TaaS™).

Outside of work Lynes is husband to Helen, father to Sullivan and Stanley (whom he named his business after “because I wanted to look at my office door every day and love it as much as much as I loved my boys”), enjoys a nice pale ale and fishing at a variety of locations around the world. He is also an avid Arsenal fan.

Ian Farrar and Pat discuss;

  • Founding a company
  • Management consulting fatigue
  • Deploying consulting teams – Teams as a service
  • Training the workforce
  • Allowing time for you teams to self learn & develop
  • 'Client First' mentality
  • Pivoting every 90 days
  • Pat’s Book

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- Pat Lynes