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Jim Mawdsley

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Far North Sales & Marketing Consultancy are all-encompassing Business Development specialists, our aim is growth, your growth.
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118 Jim Mawdsley | CEO of the UK's leading music sector development agency

This episode was recorded live in front of an audience in Ian’s home town of South Shields.

Ian and Jim discuss;

    • The NE region and the possibility of a festival
    • Joey Ramone and Flava Flav
    • DJ sets at Shindig, carl Cox, John Digweed
    • Lessons Learned along the way
    • Booking bands at the Poly
    • The Tube
    • Carving out a regional niche as opposed to live in London
    • Having a mentor
    • Supporting a mentee
    • Funding
    • Training and retaining talent
    • Jim recommends two books Powder and Kill your friends
    • Q & A

Show Notes




“Flava Flav chased me down the corridor shouting 'Have you got a can of Red Bull, have you got a can of Red Bull!'....” - Jim Mawdsley

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