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Episode137 | Leaders; Things to Consider Before your Terminate a position

Ian discusses his thoughts on leadership, culture and employee satisfaction.

Your homework was.

  • Take a look at your rule book, take a red pen and get rid of those petty rules.
  • Take your team out individually for a walk in fresh air and be genuinely interested in them and how they are feeling.
  • Take a sledgehammer and smash that pool table if its just a prop.
  • Take a look at yourself, what do you think employees say about you when you aren’t in the room.
  • Take your finger off the trigger and try to understand if there is any way to salvage the position or redeploy them elsewhere.
  • Training is the easy bit, finding a Rockstar is the hard work.

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"The team you surround yourself with, have to be firing on all cylinders"

- Ian Farrar