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Episode 143 Ian chats LIVE with mystery writer Ann Cleeves
Episode 144 Ann takes Q & A from the LIVE Audience in Newcastle

Ian Farrar LIVE streams from the Live Theatre Newcastle with NE14.TV and chats with one of the most accomplished mystery writers of our time Ann Cleeves.

Ian and Ann Discuss

  • The Early years
  • The importance of libraries
  • The tipping point for Ann
  • The Process of writing a book
  • How the location influences Ann’s books
  • The formation of characters
  • The community and their stories trigger ideas
  • Brenda Blethyn and Vera
  • Shetland and living on Fair Isle
  • Matthew Venn

In Episode 144 Ann takes questions from the LIVE Newcastle audience.


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“I don’t think you could be a writer if you didn’t use public transport.” - Ann Cleeves