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Posts by Ian Farrar

How to Get Featured on Podcasts

So, you want to get featured on a podcast. Follow this 20 point method and you’ll slide straight through the gates. The priority of the podcast host is their audience. If you’d like to address this audience, you’re going to have to reassure the host that you won’t jeopardise what they have worked extremely hard to…

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WIN a copy of Office of cards

Check the social links and share for a chance to win Office of cards from Episode 110. David has offered listeners the book at a discounted price for those who buy on gumroad (below). Here you can buy the PDF or ePub and then from there you can put the files on iPad or Kindle…

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Centurion Way

80+ episodes in and we have crossed the chasm.  Thank you so much for your support. We are heard in over 100 countries around the world by tens of thousands… 55% of our audience is based in the USA. It’s great to be able to showcase our amazing UK guest to our friends across the…

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February & March 2018 Live

We have the first two LIVE podcasts of the year booked! February 28th sees us back at the fantastic One Trinity Green in Ian’s home town of South Shields. Ian will be speaking LIVE with Jill McKinney, Head of Skills at Sunderland Software City. Jill is a passionate leader working across the North East to…

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December 12th 2017 Live Podcast

Following the fantastic live event in November with the Co-founder of Gym Plan, Paul Slater, we have arranged another live event just weeks later. Well I say we, Paul has!  Paul really enjoyed the event and alongside Campus North, Gym Plan has sponsored a night of beer, banter… and bait. December Live Podcast guest is…

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Free Ticket to the Live Podcast 15th Nov ’17

South Tyneside Council are to host us for a live podcast as part of their excellent Tech Talks series. I will be talking with my friend Co-founder of Gym Plan, Paul Slater. It will be recorded in my home town of South Shields and if you are further afield we will also live stream and…

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Podcasters: Don’t be a lone ranger.

Podcasters help

  If you are reading these words you either host a podcast or you are thinking of launching one. If you aren’t either of these, you’re welcome to consume these words. What’s the worst that could happen? Well you could end up launching a podcast, that’s what! I over exaggerate, it’s all good, but believe me, it can…

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Sponsorship Opportunity

Podcast Sponsor

Thank you so much for all your continued support for our podcast. Your feedback and sponsorship help keep the show top of the iTunes Noteworthy sections and I was pleased to celebrate a year of podcasting recently. Please let me know if you would like me to cover a particular subject and i’m more than…

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BGOB. Achieving Profitable Growth in 2017

Do you have dreams of 2017 being a highly profitable year in your business? Could it be your best year yet? The answer to these questions should be YES, and I want to help you achieve those goals. What better way to start your journey to an amazing year in business than with access to…

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