April Fools Day, Live Streamed, Podcast Extravaganza

What’s the deal Ian? I love where we live, work and play.  In my role I’m fortunate to meet so many amazing and inspirational people.All too often there’s one thing I notice…they don’t tell anyone what they are up to!I like to say if you don’t tell us, it didn’t happen.   So what you…

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How to Get Featured on Podcasts

So, you want to get featured on podcasts. Follow this 20 point method and you’ll slide straight through the gates. The priority of the podcast host is their audience. If you’d like to address this audience, you’re going to have to reassure the host that you won’t jeopardise what they have worked extremely hard to create…

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Presentation Genius!

Become a Presentation Genius! No matter how good your business idea is, if you can’t tell people what you do, you’re sunk. Presentations are just an absolute MUST as an entrepreneur.   Most presentations suck and most people hate giving them – and most of those that don’t, should! 😉   Fear not, Industry Angel…

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Podcasters: Don’t be a lone ranger.

Podcasters help

Thinking of starting a podcast? If you are reading these words you either host a podcast or you are thinking of launching one. If you aren’t either of these, you’re welcome to consume these words. What’s the worst that could happen? Well you could end up launching a podcast, that’s what! I over exaggerate, it’s…

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Sponsorship Opportunity


Thank you so much for all your continued support for our podcast. Your feedback and sponsorship help keep the show top of the iTunes Noteworthy sections. I was pleased to recently celebrate a year of podcasting. Please let me know if you would like me to cover a particular subject and i’m more than happy…

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And…we are off!

We are off! Blog open, podcast live! Hopefully you have subscribed (and left a rating & review, it really helps) to the show and listened to the first few episodes. To shape the podcast and future episodes we need your feedback.  This show is your show, free and for you to enjoy whenever and wherever.…

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