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December 12th 2017 Live Podcast

Following the fantastic live event in November with the Co-founder of Gym Plan, Paul Slater, we have arranged another live event just weeks later.

Well I say we, Paul has!  Paul really enjoyed the event and alongside Campus North, Gym Plan has sponsored a night of beer, banter… and bait.

December Live Podcast guest is the founder of Nibble Apps, Andreas Kambanis.
Nibble Apps are behind some of the best selling Food and Drink apps for iPhone and iPad.  The most recent success is the FitMenCook app, which became a number 1 Food and Drink app in 82 countries.

We will also live stream and record the event as a podcast episode for our friends further afield.

I encourage you to grab your free ticket early as there are limited seats…click here

Hope to see you there, Ian.

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Ian Farrar

Host at Industry Angel
Ian is also the MD & Business Coach at Sales & Marketing Consultancy
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