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139 Where the Magic Happens with Caspar Craven

Caspar shares his 'secret to success' for business and for families, that involves applying business values to family and applying family values to business, to the betterment of both.

Caspar believes we all need to build two teams, a work team and a home team. And despite his particular experience, you do NOT have to quit your job and set sail around the world to make this happen!

If Caspar can build a winning team with his wife and children (even a 2 year old) and at the same time a fast growth technology business, he can help you build a team.

Ian and Caspar discuss:-

  • Structure and Rules when travelling with a 9, 7 & a 2 year old
  • Home Schooling
  • How to protect yourself out at sea
  • Losing power whilst on the ocean waves!
  • Their route around the world
  • Documenting and writing the book; Where the magic happens


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“You only need one burning reason to set you on fire.” - Caspar Craven