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Ep 141 BONUS How to Get Featured on Podcasts

So, you want to get featured on a podcast.
Follow this 20 point method and you’ll slide straight through the gates.

  1. The priority of the podcast host is their audience. If you’d like to address this audience, you’re going to have to reassure the host that you won’t jeopardise what they have worked extremely hard to create and nurture
  2. When contacting the host avoid selling yourself on how great you are. They don’t care. Tell the host why you would like to be on their show, why the audience would enjoy hearing from you, what previous episodes you have enjoyed and what you like about the hosts approach
  3. Describe what topics you can talk on and suggest a set of questions that the host could ask you
  4. Use a targeted approach rather than a scattergun. Emailing twenty hosts talking about yourself will get you one opportunity. Contact ten hosts using point two’s approach and you’ll see a much better return
  5. If outsourcing this to a PR company, send them this list. This is your brand, don’t damage it with a scattergun
  6. Be extremely flexible with your availability and confirm time zones
  7. Do not see this as an opportunity to advertise your value proposition, you are on the show to discuss a topic that the audience is interested in
  8. Look to add value. Leave the audience with some key takeaways and something they can implement following the episode
  9. Ask the host if it’s OK at the end of the interview to share information about your product/service/book/course etc. Twenty-eight minutes of great content and two minutes about you, is a fair trade off
  10. Have fun. Think Edutainment
  11. Ask the host if there is anything you shouldn’t say, such as cursing
  12. Supply the host with your bio, photograph, company logo and social channels
  13. Post interview, thank the host and ask “Is there anything I can help you with?”
  14. Suggest guests that may also be a fit and if possible, help to connect them
  15. Review the show on the various podcast players and share the episode via your social media channels.
  16. Continue to look out for your hosts content and support via social media. Create a lasting relationship and you may be asked back.
  17. Recommend the show to your friends and colleagues.
  18. Ask for the HTML code so you can embed the podcast player on your blog
  19. Link to the podcast website, it’s good for their SEO
  20. Share this list and help hosts, guests and listeners enjoy a great experience


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"Follow this 20 point method and you’ll slide straight through the gates"

- Ian Farrar