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Episode 147 - Ash Dykes

The first person to walk the entire length of the Yangtze River.

Can you remember the Explorer/Extreme Athlete from Episode 29 who walked across Mongolia and Madagascar?

Well he’s fresh back from traversing the entire length of the Yangtze River in China on foot, a worlds first that took him a year to complete.

The guys cover;

  • Getting to the source of the Yangtze
  • Crew members abandoning due to weather and conditions
  • Two years in the planning
  • An interactive expedition with schools and the public
  • Loneliness along the way, mental strength
  • Physical training
  • Carrying kit for capturing video and audio content
  • Guinness world of records requirements
  • Keeping the body ticking over with light training
  • Running out of food rations
  • Eating with nomads
  • Speaking the language
  • The guides play a huge part of the expedition
  • Protecting yourself from bears!
  • Typical daily routine
  • Keeping a low profile in certain regions
  • The documentary
  • The finish and a storm arrives
  • The impact since mission completion


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"Regardless of whether you have the right skills you can teach yourself and learn as you go."

- Ash Dykes