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Ep 149 Life App North | App Development Insights

The panel hosted by Ian Farrar (Far North Ltd) was part of South Tyneside Council's popular 'Tech Talk' series.

The event was LIVE streamed and can be seen on the Industry Angel Facebook Page

The panel was made up of the following rockstars;-

  • Dylan McKee Co-founder & CEO, Nebula Labs Limited
  • Eimear Flynn Lead Android Developer, Nebula Labs
  • Radu Oprea Co-Founder at Direct Software & Epic Works
  • Mark Hemmings App Development

The discussion topics include;

  • The Tech scene in the NE
  • Creating an MVP
  • Bootstrap or Borrow
  • Specifying functionality
  • Launching in the stores
  • iOS Vs Android
  • Approval of Apps
  • Regional Collaboration

Photo album on the Facebook Page here


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