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Episode 182 Helen Burgess | Little Cooks Co

Helen Burgess spent 10 years working in senior strategy roles across Government, including No.10 and Cabinet Office, until she decided to retrain in her passion – nutrition – following the birth of her son in 2013.

Deploying her skills in research, Helen discovered that parents struggled most to find healthy snacks for their kids. So this combined with a knowledge of just how powerful cooking can be in forming happy family memories, the idea for Little Cooks Co was born. A recipe box that gave time-poor parents everything they needed to cook something yummy with their children, and which also utilised Helen’s nutritional training to enhance and not hinder health.

Ian & Helen discuss;

  • Working for the government
  • Importance of nutrition
  • The story of Little Cooks Co
  • Small businesses supporting one another
  • Why organic food is better for you
  • Benefiting the environment
  • Living a happier, healthier life
  • The importance of eating 'real food'
  • Faults with the government in terms of obesity
  • The rollercoaster of being an entrepreneur


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