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Episode 185 Ray Spencer | Will the Show Go On?

Ray Spencer is the Executive Director of the Customs House. It was established in 1848 in South Shields.
The building comprises a theatre of 441 seats, a 145 seat studio, a gallery, a restaurant, a bar, a box-office and a community room that holds 100 people.

Covid-19 is an existential threat to Britain’s theatres.
They must survive with little to no income until audiences return.

Ian & Ray discuss;

  • Welcoming people back into the workplace
  • Return of the pantomimes
  • Winning the Great British Panto award
  • Anxiety and our brain's reaction to change
  • Switching off and feeling positive
  • Being able to see family again


Whist on lock-down because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ian Farrar wanted to create something special for the listeners.

Ian live streamed (Facebook, YouTube & Twitter) for 3 hours on the 19th June 2020 and interviewed 6 of his friends back to back!

We have edited those videos and created bonus podcast episodes.

The original videos can be watched again on the respective social media platforms.


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