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Episode 196 Russell Dalgleish | The Global Reach of Scottish Business Network

Russell Dalgleish, from Scottish International Week, has enjoyed the benefits of a highly successful international career in the technology sector. Likewise, he now focuses his efforts on supporting owners and boards of companies to devise and implement growth strategies to create shareholder value. In his earlier career he has held board leadership positions with International companies achieving turnover more than £200m.

Core areas of focus are Leadership, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategic thinking. He is also a regular speaker at events on Leadership in business and has spoken at conferences from Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi.

Meanwhile, Russell is founding Managing Partner of the advisory group, Exolta Capital Partners, and Founding Chairman Scottish Business Network, the global network supporting Scottish business leaders.

Since turning 50 he has developed a passion for endurance events and can often be found at weekends mud splattered clambering over obstacles and "trying to keep up".


Ian & Russell discuss;

  • Scottish International Week
  • Helping promote Scottish Businesses around the world
  • The success of Scottish International Week
  • Importance of addressing bigger challenges, such as global warming
  • Their mission statement
  • Lockdown affecting mental health
  • The new way of networking


Ian Farrar wanted to create something special for the listeners, in honour of International Podcast Day & Industry Angel's 200th episode.

Ian live streamed (Facebook, YouTube & Twitter) for two hours on the 29th September 2020 and interviewed 4 of his friends back to back!

We have edited those videos and created bonus podcast episodes.

The original videos can be watched again on the respective social media platforms.


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