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Episode 200 Celebration | LIVE Q&A With Guest Host - Chris Donovan!

For Industry Angel's 200th episode, Ian Farrar went LIVE and done a Q&A with a guest host, Chris Donovan from One More Than Two Brew!
Ian and Chris answered questions from YOU.
Who was the WORST podcast guest? Why do we dream? Who would you snog, marry and kill with previous Industry Angel guests. AND hear Chris' beautiful piano playing skills.

The guys also discuss;

  • Inspiration behind the names of Chris’ beer
  • Collaborating with breweries around the North East
  • Penguins jumping & polar bears hunting
  • Dad jokes
  • How Ian prepares for a podcast
  • Swapping feet for skis
  • Their work ethic
  • Building the Brewery from scratch
  • Volunteering
  • The one person they’d like to have a conversation with
  • This or that questions
  • What inspires them
  • The story of starting Industry Angel


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