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Episode 206 Juliette Brown | A 25 Year Rollercoaster of Leadership

From a finance background, Juliette Brown is the proud creator of Design Xpress, a large format print business of 25 years, based in the North East.

Initially set up to produce POS and posters for the Food Retail Industry, her business has evolved from start up to become a 1 million plus turnover company, supplying to Trade, Print Partners, Global Print Management and direct smaller clients.

She retains a very hands-on role when it comes to customer relationships and account management.

Despite a rollercoaster journey along the way, Juliette describes 2020 as her most challenging year to date due to Covid.


Ian & Juliette discuss;

  • The transition from finance to design
  • Birth of Design Xpress
  • Business growth
  • Pressure that can come with responsibility
  • Being a female leader in a ‘Men’s World’
  • Women helping other women
  • Juliette stepping out of her comfort zone
  • Impact Covid has had on Design Xpress
  • 25 years in business & as a leader


For International Women's Day 2021, Ian wanted to do something special to help raise awareness, smash stereotypes and influence behaviour.

Ian went live for three hours on Monday 8th March and interviewed seven fantastic women back to back !


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