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Episode 207 Dinah Bennett | Global Opportunity for Women Entrepreneurs

Dinah Bennett is the founder director of International Consultants for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Consult ICE and Global Lead for Enterprise Development for Women’s Economic Imperative www.weiforwad.org an organisation which was formed form a UN high level panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment. Dinah has worked at both policy and practice on every continent.

Dinah designs and delivers business and entrepreneurial capacity building programmes internationally often working in partnership with agencies such as the UN, International Labour organization and British Council. Dinah has experience of many branches of financial services and organisations offering financial solutions to support SME’s effectively.


Ian & Dinah discuss;

  • Working with women around the world
  • Projects Dinah is working on
  • Making sure gender is featured
  • Some countries believing women shouldn’t run businesses
  • Have your say – you have a voice
  • Encouraging women to share their business stories
  • Getting women’s voices heard
  • Setting up business awards for women
  • Giving women a platform


For International Women's Day 2021, Ian wanted to do something special to help raise awareness, smash stereotypes and influence behaviour.

Ian went live for three hours on Monday 8th March and interviewed seven fantastic women back to back !