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Episode 208 BONUS: Talking Menopause at Work

For the first time EVER, Ian hands over Industry Angel to Tina Boden and Sharon MacArthur.

Tina interviews Sharon about the impact menopause (and hormones) can have on female micro business owners and freelancers. Sharing hints and tips to help get them through.


Tina describes herself as ‘More Marmite Than Magnolia’, while continuing her roles as Business Coach and The B & B Keeper, spends much of her time hosting, writing and curating business and lifestyle interviews, articles and inbox features for freelancers and micro business owners that is rich in support, advice and experience - visit Tina's website here.


Sharon formed Miss Menopause 3 years ago as a response to the lack of information about menopause in the workplace. She is also the owner of Red Handbag which she set up 7 years ago, works internationally with leaders in business, helping them to develop their leadership confidence though more effective communication strategies.


Sharon & Tina discuss;

  • Nobody has told women about menopause and what to expect
  • Going through surgical menopause
  • Tina’s story of surgically enforced menopause
  • You cannot allow yourself to become a victim of the menopause
  • The menopause symptoms
  • Benefits of HRT & how it has changed their life
  • Your body, your choice
  • Finding out what works best for you


For International Women's Day 2021, Ian wanted to do something special to help raise awareness, smash stereotypes and influence behaviour.

Ian went live for three hours on Monday 8th March and interviewed seven fantastic women back to back !