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Episode 209 Kaylee Davidson-Olley | First Baby in Europe to Successfully Receive a Heart Transplant

Kaylee Davidson-Olley was the United Kingdom's first successful heart transplant baby when she received a replacement heart at less than one year of age. In 2017 she celebrated her 30th year after the transplant operation; it was her 30th year as the longest surviving heart transplant baby in Europe. The operation was performed by cardiothoracic surgeon, Christopher McGregor, at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, which became one of only two UK centres performing transplants in children, and the main hospital in the UK carrying out transplants for adults born with congenital heart disease.

She went on to become an advocate of the organ donor register and in 2013 won the gold medal for the 4 × 100 metres relay race at the World Transplant Games!


Ian & Kaylee discuss;

  • Her story of being The First Successful Baby in the UK to have a Heart Transplant
  • The Start of a Sporting Era
  • Winning a gold medal in the World Transplant Games
  • Being an advocate for organ donation
  • Having a plaque on the Newcastle Quayside walk of fame
  • Making sure transplantation is known within the North East
  • How organ donation can save lives


For International Women's Day 2021, Ian wanted to do something special to help raise awareness, smash stereotypes and influence behaviour.

Ian went live for three hours on Monday 8th March and interviewed seven fantastic women back to back !