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Episode 213 Eddie Czestochowski | Exporting Through Acquisition

Eddie Czestochowski is Managing Director at Cell Pack Solutions, Tracer Batteries, your friend in the Battery Industry and passionate about chess.

Cell Pack Solutions are an independently owned company that specialises in the wonderful world that is batteries, with an emphasis on the industrial sector and in Lithium Primary and Secondary Systems. A recent acquisition of Tracer Batteries brings an interesting new focus for 2021 , turning our company from a previously reluctant exporter to one that will be be exporting to over 30 countries.


Ian & Eddie discuss;

  • Starting a battery business
  • Eddie’s journey before founding a business
  • How the business has adapted since the beginning
  • Exporting overseas
  • What industries the batteries go into
  • Going global
  • South Tyneside’s network
  • Having a dream and goal for the business
  • Eddie’s love for chess
  • Having a passion


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