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217 Ryan Quickfall | How to Commercialise Your Creativity

Ryan Quickfall, AKA Ryan Roadkill, is a Newcastle based illustrator working from his studio in the city. He draws influence from B-Movie posters, comic book art, retro skate graphics and absolutely anything Motorcycle orientated. Using his signature style of solid black line work and bold colours to create instantly recognisable illustration and graphics for apparel lines, branding, ad campaigns, event posters and book covers. Recently Ryan’s work has taken a turn to an art based outlet. Producing original works and limited edition prints which have led to high profile solo shows both in the UK and USA.


Ian & Ryan discuss;

  • Where ‘Roadkill’ came from
  • Ryan’s journey
  • Taking the first leap
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Pricing your art
  • Difference between art and illustrating
  • What is an artist?
  • Drawing by hand or digitally
  • Limited edition pieces
  • Having a fan base
  • Ryan’s social media journey


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