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218 Gary Giles | Surviving The Dragons' Den

Gary Giles is the founder and CEO of OGEL, a revolutionary building system business. Gary has developed a brand new system that uses recycled polystyrene to construction walls, floors and roofs - the first ever to be globally patented.

It is simple, fast, light and reusable, with no glues to stick them together - and they can be used to build anything from flood defences, exhibition stands, flat pack houses, home offices, garden rooms, staycation pods, humanitarian shelters, as well as internal walls in existing buildings.


Ian & Gary discuss;

  • Where the name OGEL came from
  • Founding OGEL
  • Being on Dragons Den
  • The possibility for expanding globally
  • Which dragons they wanted to invest
  • Being able to build whatever
  • Plans for the future
  • North East’s network


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