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222 Tony Robinson OBE | The Micro Business Champion

Tony Robinson OBE has embarked on a tour of 70 talks in 70 towns to raise money for ExcludedUK and we brought the legend himself to sunny South Shields. Tony gave his 'Who wants to be a Happipreneur?' talk and we recorded this just for the podcast...


Tony's talk includes;

- Of interest to all who want to be, or help someone else to be, more enterprising and happier in their work

- Tony created the 'tongue in cheek' philosophy of Happipreneurship in the new 'Small is Beautiful' - the 5* rated 'The Happipreneur:Why MicroBizMatters? and it's now a thing.

- Charles Dickens is Tony's role model Happipreneur but if he remembers he may mention some of the famous entrepreneurs he's met, and learns from. are too - including Kanya King CBE (his inspiration), Charlie Mullins OBE his #MicroBizMatters Tsar, Sir Jim Ratcliffe (his schoolmate) and Lord Sugar (once a client).

- Tony explains how key decisions in his riches to rags journey allowed him to stumble into evermore happier and enterprising work life.

- Guaranteed to be controversial and as Brad Burton, the UK's Number One Motivational Speaker says on the book cover "If you want the truth go to the 'Dickhead' in the red-feathered hat".


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