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227 Ashleigh King | New Year's Message & Interview with Guest Host

New Year's Message from Ian AND Industry Angel's first ever pod-swap with Nurture Your Zest with Ashleigh King!

This is a special episode as it's the: First release of season 2 of the #NurtureYourZest Podcast series, First episode recorded in 'The Nest' of the new podcast studio in Newcastle upon Tyne, 'Flamingo Heights', A personal achievement for me as interviewing Ian has been on my vision board for a long time, and I'm so grateful he gave up his time to chat with me...


You'll hear;

  • Why starting a podcast can help attract your dream clients and how this has worked for Ian's business Far North
  • The journey of creating the Industry Angel Business Podcast
  • How to attract high-profile podcast guests, or find guest podcast opportunities
  • Why some men struggle to talk about their mental health and why it's important to get help if you need to
  • The best domain Ian ever bought, and why!
  • Ian's fascination with aliens and conspiracy theories


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