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We understand that the overhead of permanent experienced members of a team may be a step too far, maybe you would like to take a product to market, run a fresh pair of eyes over the sales process or just get over a lean period, we can help.

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228 Ian & Mischa | The Positive Effects of Apprenticeships

With National Apprenticeship Week fast approaching, Ian decided to grab Mischa for a chat around her experience of being an apprentice.


Ian & Mischa discuss areas such as;

  • Why businesses should take on apprentices
  • Different levels of apprenticeships
  • Mischa’s progression
  • Apprenticeships vs University
  • An employers point of view from taking on an apprentice
  • Mischa’s experience as an apprentice
  • Far North’s growth through having an apprentice
  • Having a mentor
  • The process of an apprenticeship
  • Why an apprenticeship?
  • Why Ian decided to take on an apprentice
  • Benefits of having a different generation in the team


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