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229 Kerrie Highcock | Autism Acceptance

Kerrie Highcock has worked in the field of autism for 18 years and has recently gained her Masters of Education, in Autism, from the University of Strathclyde, and is currently working on her Doctorate.She is passionate about elevating the voices of and learning from autistic people.

Before her 13 years (so far) with NEAS, she worked in schools and nurseries with specialist autism provision.

Kerrie is also the author of her first book The Infinite Journey, which outlines her journey working in the field of autism.


Ian & Kerrie discuss;

  • What we can do to raise awareness for autism
  • Taking an active approach
  • What is autism?
  • Myths about autism
  • Statistics on autism
  • Acceptance
  • Diagnosis of autism
  • Masking
  • Making reasonable adjustments
  • Challenges autistic people face
  • How to support autistic people
  • Kerrie’s book – The Infinite Journey


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