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231 David Birchall | Controlling the Show

David Birchall is Technical Director and owner of db Show Control and Automation. The company's solutions are at the core of the world's most demanding multimedia shows, theme park rides, interactive visitor centres and AV installations.

db Show Control's clients include the world's leading theme parks, event production companies, museums, AV Integrators and creative design consultants. Their solutions run 24/7 worldwide. Recent projects and clients include such names as Disneyland Paris, ECA2, Universal Studios (Beijing & Florida), Dubai Parks & Resorts, Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.


Ian & David discuss topics such as;

  • Working around the world
  • Working with theme parks such as Universal and Disney
  • David’s first project
  • Working with a team of freelancers with specific expertees
  • Founding a business with an engineering background
  • R&D and innovation
  • David’s favourite projects to work on
  • What’s trending at the moments at theme parks
  • The impact Covid had on the business


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