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235 Marius Capra | The Business of Tarot

Budding entrepreneur, eloquent linguist, and ever-inquisitive spiritualist.

Marius Capra is a continuously developing tarot reader and astrologer with a mission to clarify the 'languages of the universe' in his business practice, providing transformative answers to the questions of the subconscious for clients around the world.

Ian & Marius discuss...

  • Founding a spiritual business
  • Finding magick
  • An introduction to tarot
  • Feeling drawn to certain areas
  • Following your path
  • The divorce between business and spirituality
  • Astrology
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Stigma within spirituality
  • Psychology and spirituality
  • Being open to new experiences
  • Connecting to the elements
  • Marketing for spirituality
  • How tarot can help your therapeutic journey
  • Connecting with your inner child


Including BONUS live audience tarot readings!