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Episode 002 - Graham Allcott

How to be a Productivity Ninja

Graham Allcott joins us to talk about his passion, productivity.

Graham is a best-selling author, speaker, social entrepreneur and the original ‘productivity ninja’.

Armed with a mission to transform stuffy time management training courses into something more practical, human and fun, Graham founded Think Productive in April 2009. The company has since grown to spread the message of playful productivity across the UK and increasingly worldwide.

Ian and Graham discuss:-

  • Bring your inbox to zero
  • Extreme challenge of working 5am-9am
  • Extreme challenge of Fasting during Ramadan
  • Extreme challenge of reading email once per week
  • The Pomodoro Technique 

Graham can be found at

Graham's recommended reading:


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    "Thinking is not a luxury, thinking is the job that we do."

    - Graham Allcott