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Episode 004 - Darren Williams
From Dance Music to Hair Extensions

Darren shares his entrepreneurial journey.

Darren Williams has created over five companies in the past 10 years and successfully sold four of them despite only being in his 30's.

His fifth, and latest, multi-award winning business ‘Harland Corp’ has become one of the fastest growing online hair and beauty companies in the UK.
It attracts over 1 million unique visitors per year between its six ecommerce stores, employs 18 staff, operates from a 7000 Sq Ft warehouse in England and turns over £1 million annually.
Harland dispatches over 10,000 products every month, with 10% of those being exported to over 37 countries worldwide including Barbados and Afghanistan.

Darren was named as one of the most influential people in the North East in 2011 alongside business legends such as Sir Peter Vardy, Tom Maxfield and Duncan Bannatyne, winning national press coverage along the way.

Ian and Darren discuss:-

  • Focussing on one business
  • Importing from China
  • Internet Marketing Techniques


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"Use laser focus, get rid of the distractions."

- Darren Williams