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Episode 010 - Taz Thornton
Extreme Empowerment

Inspirational Speaker, Author & Extreme Empowerment Strategist

Taz shares her journey, leaving behind the corporate pinstripe suit into unleashing her awesome!
For more than a decade, Taz Thornton has served as an advisor and encourager for people the world over. With a proven track record spanning personal development, leadership, business turnaround & corporate coaching, Taz’s brand of extreme empowerment encourages individuals and organisations to break through their fears, smash past limiting beliefs and achieve the seemingly impossible.

Ian and Taz Thornton discuss:-

  • Leaving the corporate world
  • Trusting your inner self
  • Attitude to life
  • Extreme Empowerment - Firewalking, breaking arrows with your throat!
  • Taz's new book, Whispers from the Earth


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"If you walk around with a negative attitude, you will attract more of the same.
Get out there and live your dreams!"

- Taz Thornton